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May 2024

Makenna was commissioned by the Synergy Quartet to write a piece for their concert on May 11, 2024 - a concert featuring works by all female composers. The piece, titled Sandbox, will be posted online soon.


April 2023

The podcast The Unidentifieds is now live. Makenna was hired by The Oregonian to create an original theme for their new podcast that centers around the efforts to identify cold-case remains throughout the state. 



To read more about the podcast, click here.

the unidentifieds.jpg

August 2022

The podcast I Talk To Ghosts is now live. Makenna wrote the Intro and Outro theme music. This is the second collaboration between Makenna and Jennifer Page; they previously worked together on the podcast Odd Tonic.




I Talk To Ghosts promo.jpeg

January 2022

The iMDb page is now live for Benched, a short film by Rachel Imbriglio that Makenna scored. Here is the link. 

Film Poster - BENCHED with credits.jpg

December 2021

The score for the film With Friends Like These won Best Original Score at the Athens International Monthly Film Festival. Makenna contributed several tracks of original music to this short film. 

Here is the film's information on iMDb.


February 2021

Makenna was interviewed by the Female Filmmakers Initiative about her score for their short film "I Am". The film centers on body positivity, following one young woman's journey around the subject. 

The interview can be found here. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 12.02.56

February 2021

The Prismagic Radio Hour will be premiering with Makenna's original score at the Fertile Ground Festival on Feb. 5, 2021. It will show at 9pm PST.


October 2020


Makenna released her single titled "Fairwell Lizzie", featuring the beautiful voice of her friend Laurel Reid. A collector of old books, Makenna found an inscription that is over 140 years old inside an old book in her hometown of Corvallis, Oregon. This writing became the inspiration for this song. 


It is available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and more.  

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